Corporate GHG Inventory Reporting

As Orbit Consulting, we prepare corporate carbon footprint reports specific to the textile industry in accordance with locally and internationally accepted standards. In addition, we also calculate emissions specific to production and service processes, and provide Carbon Neutral Roadmap service.
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Corporate GHG Inventory Reporting
LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is an assessment method that measures the environmental impact, resource efficiency and amount of waste generation of products throughout their life cycles. LCA we do according to ISO 14040/44 standards; It covers the carbon emissions produced during raw material acquisition, processing, production, use, end-of-life and disposal.
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GRI Reporting

GRI Corporate Sustainability Reports reveal the performance of companies in economic, environmental and social categories.
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GRI Sürdürülebilirlik Raporlamaları